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Escape From Earth Digital Copy

Your name will appear in the credits.
steam achievement.
a random voice message in game of max 3 minutes.
plus a copy for steam and any console platforms that we will release on in future and all dlc free.


Game key will be emailed to you within 24 - 48 hours if not you will be sent a second copy total free for a buddy or friend 

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The goal tracker will be updated every night or couple of days to show how far/close to our goal we are. We do have a deadline of 4 months.

So, we as a studio have never really asked a lot of people for help, we’d love to see people playing our game and having fun.
But right now, we are in a little bit of trouble and could use some help in getting back out of this. And so we have relaunched the studio shop in an effort to try and help us to save the studio and Escape From Earth. So it will not end up as a dead and unfished project and so that we can continue its development.
This money will all be used to pay off the bills that we, as a studio, need to pay in order to keep our studio running.
There are a number of products on the website that you can buy in order to help and support us, ranging from digital copies of the game, to hoodies and customized playable characters in the game or even a custom planet named after you.


We have a small goal that we need to raise in order to clear all the issues and allow us to continue working on the game and finish it. It will then will be made free to play with dlc to help support its development.

The money for the creation of merchandise will be coming out of the developers pockets. the artwork that will be used on hoodies etc. is being donate to me by a friend who owes me a favour from when I helped him and his partner out. 

We will be showing public proof that we use the money raised to pay off the studio’s bills, but some info will be redacted due to legal matters.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and for looking around in the shop. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or tweet us on twitter and we will gladly answer them. 


Side note: we have had to rush into putting this together, so there might be some bugs. But it’s all good, because we are pros at bug-hunting.

GOAL: £0 | £1500