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Escape from Earth is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer. Your endearing alien character from the Planet Dyeog’s normal day of delivering experimental space creatures has been turned upside down by mechanical errors on their ship. You find yourself hurling off course crashing onto planet Earth. You must collect coins and gems to fix your ship to return to Dyeog. You will come across many of the strange and sometimes dangerous experimental creatures that have fallen from your ships cargo. Good luck on your quest, Dyeogian. This is the style of game you would sit down to play for a couple of minutes and hours can pass by playing it.

I was diagnosed as having semantic pragmatic disorder (part of the Autism spectrum) as a young child. I did struggle at school and after leaving I found myself getting more and more interested in game development. I worked on escape from earth with some friends. I was introduced to the Leeds advonet service who offered me a mentor, thanks to both the help and support of the service and the mentor I was able to move on more with the development of the game. My aim is now to prove that autism is not a barrier to achieving your dreams and goals. Please pledge and share now!

You are an alien from planet Zorg. Your job is to fly through space delivering experimental space creatures to neighboring planets. Your morning of tasks has gone according to plan and you have just dropped off your last delivery at planet Dyeog and climb back into your spacecraft. You set the coordinates of your ship to planet Zorg, which is at a 45 degree bearing from planet Earth, the next closest planet. As you set off and reach closer to home you realize that you are steering off course. You notice some unusual rattling from your craft, followed by a loud continuous bleeping noise. You see that the control panel is showing a red error message, and you try to fix the error by fiddling with the controls. The error message disappears, but because of your distractedness you realize you are now so far off course from planet Zorg and you are now hurtling towards planet Earth. You are dragged into Earths orbit, which sucks you closer in. You look out the window and see a bright orange glow of flames surrounding the ship, which means that the ship is automatically preparing for landing much too soon for a safe landing! The error messages reappear on the control panel, and red warning lights start flashing around the ship. You try to find the problem but you are not fast enough. You look out of the window to see that you are about to crash into Earth! You brace for impact as your spaceship crashes into a huge crater, somewhere on the unknown and mysterious planet Earth.

You will need to escape from Earth to return to Zorg, your home planet. You must collect coins and gems to fix your ship. You will come across many of the strange and sometimes dangerous experimental creatures that have fallen from your ship’s cargo. Watch out – Earths laws of physics are different to Zorgs, having an impact on your movements.

before people as yes these was from are funding champing but we never got the money from that and this was other reason behind the shop. So above is a little about me.

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